Homelessness Initiative

Become a part of Heading Home's vision to end homelessness in Albuquerque.

Heading Home: AANM Charity of Choice

The Vision: Albuquerque is a city where homelessness is rare, short-lived and non-recurring. 

We Knew There Was A Better Way

Albuquerque Heading Home

Albuquerque Heading Home was launched in early 2011 and emerged out of the Community Response to Homelessness in Albuquerque, a plan developed in 2007, by the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. As a community-wide initiative under the leadership of Mayor Richard J. Berry’s administration and local nonprofit organizations, Albuquerque Heading Home now provides the coordinating and implementation structure for eliminating homelessness through community engagement across public and private sectors.

Albuquerque Heading Home’s primary purpose is to mobilize services and resources toward a common goal: to house and support Albuquerque’s most vulnerable people living on the streets and in emergency shelters.

In February 2011, the city launched the initiative through a vigorous community mobilization to the streets to identify its 75 most vulnerable homeless people. Albuquerque Heading Home sent over 200 volunteers to the streets to survey homeless people “sleeping rough” and in shelters. The survey approached 700 individuals, 475 of whom agreed to a vulnerability assessment based on a national tool that determines highest risk of mortality on the streets. That week was also one of the coldest in history, underlining the urgency of life and death on the streets. The community mobilization in process was able to respond immediately and generate emergency financial assistance to move people inside.

No one died on the streets that week in Albuquerque. This community once again demonstrated its willingness to come forward and pitch in.

Currently, Albuquerque Heading Home is systematically placing those most vulnerable in housing and providing supportive services with case managers from across the service system. Led by Metropolitan Homelessness Project, a dedicated Care Team meets weekly to update the list of the city’s most at-risk homeless people, and to strategize about ways to eliminate system barriers to expedite access to housing. A Core Vision Team also meets weekly in City Hall to monitor and plan for ongoing systems transformation.

Albuquerque Heading Home has housed 200 people as of May 9, 2013!


View the ABQ Heading Home Documentary:

Now Is The Time

We have long known that:

  • The costs associated with someone living on the streets far outweigh the costs of housing them.
  • When housed, people use emergency services less frequently, thus freeing up resources to help even more people in need.
  • We all want to live in a community where homelessness is rare, short-lived and non-recurring.

The Smart Way To Do The Right Thing

Albuquerque Heading Home’s first year goals were to implement a successful survey week that identified and gathered data about our community’s most vulnerable people who experience the most chronic homelessness, and to demonstrate that this expedited approach to housing them could work locally. We’ve done that, and we aren’t stopping there.

  • Rare: Albuquerque Heading Home has housed 185 people.
  • Short-lived: Housing obtained within 60 days of first contact.
  • Non-recurring: 85% have remained housed after 12 months.

Don't believe us? Read the independent study from UNM's Institute for Social Research that demonstrates a 31% reduction in costs for housing our neighbors instead of leaving them on the streets.

We Need Everyone

We need influential leaders who will help shape the future and take the challenges forward to the larger community. We need contributors who are able and willing to make large contributions to ensure a strong supporting infrastructure and sustainability. We invite community partners to become involved in Albuquerque Heading Home in several ways:


  • Donate all or portions of apartment homes through the Apartment Association of New Mexico
  • Partner your community by participating in Home to Home
  • Sign up to sponsor and attend Casa Ball
  • Make significant philanthropic contributions or manageable monthly recurring gifts
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor
  • Host a fundraiser
  • Donate online


As community and philanthropic leaders, demonstrate collective commitment to the shared goals of Albuquerque Heading Home.


Join a Home Team or lend your special skills, talents, and time in other ways.


Engage others, from strategic leaders to employees, their friends, families and neighbors who can volunteer direct support of a person moving off the streets and setting up a home.

"No one believed it…and now we can breathe just like everyone else."

-Carol, echoed by Shirley, two women housed by Albuquerque Heading Home

Become a part of Albuquerque Heading Home

As Primary Members of AANM, we are looking for owners/managements that are willing to contribute at least one rental unit to the Albuquerque Heading Home program. "Contribute" can be accomplished in many ways, so please do not tune this out if an all-out donation is not feasible. We would love to talk to you about the various options and what AANM is doing to address important questions in the real application of this program. Please contact Kelle Senyé at 505-822-1114 or kelle@aanm.org if you are interested in participating. We need your help in securing housing. Can you help us provide housing that could potentially save a life?

Ways to help:

  • Home to Home Program (New!)
  • Donate $5 towards program rent
  • Donate $10 towards program rent
  • Get 10 friends to each donate $10-$100 contribution towards program rent!
  • Donate $1,000 towards program rent
  • Donate a unit at cost
  • Donate a unit free for 1 year
  • Donate furniture
  • Donate housewares or other needed items
  • Volunteer to help move mattresses or move somebody into their new home
  • Tell your colleagues about the program through Facebook (ABQ Heading Home) and Twitter (@abqheadinghome)
  • Learn more about 100,000 Homes Campaign and how it's been successful in other communities like New York, Denver and LA.

Albuquerque Heading Home is facilitated through the Metropolitan Homelessness Project (501 C-3), so your contributions are tax deductible!

Additional questions about the program in general can be directed to Dennis Plummer, Executive Director for The Metropolitan Homelessness Project. MHP is the lead agency for Albuquerque Heading Home.