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AANM is the only group in New Mexico that advocates on behalf of all residential rental property owners.

There are many other real estate groups in New Mexico, but none of these groups ever appear before city councils and the State Legislature to lobby on behalf of the rental housing industry in New Mexico; just AANM. When it comes to protecting your interests, we are the only organization in New Mexico that aggressively speaks on your behalf. Our legislative advocacy is not easily visible, but as you will see below, our record speaks for itself.

When you join AANM you automatically become a member of the National Apartment Association (NAA). NAA, in partnership with the National Multi-Housing Council (NMHC), maintains a full multi-million dollar legislative operation that monitors federal legislative activity and proactively advocate our industries interests with Congress and the various federal regulatory agencies.

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Did you know that without the Apartment Association of New Mexico... 

  • Your property taxes would be capped at 3% only if your property was owner-occupied?
  • Your leasing managers, assistant managers and leasing agents each would be required to acquire and maintain costly licensure from the NM Real Estate Commission in order to lease apartments?
  • Your residents would be able to hire anyone to make repairs and deduct the cost from the rent? AANM defeated "Repair and Deduct" year after year for well over a decade until it was defeated for the last time in 2003.
  • Your residents would have to pay gross receipts tax on their rent which you would have to collect, report, and pay monthly to the State of New Mexico? AANM has defeated this type of legislation continually for well over a decade.
  • You would have to pay interest annually on all deposits, regardless of the dollar amount and keep deposits in a separate escrow account? AANM has defeated this type of legislation on multiple occasions over the past decade and will continue to do so.
  • You would have to pay triple damages if you failed to provide a written itemized deposit statement following termination of the residency? AANM has succeeded in keeping this to actual damages and penalties for non-compliance.
  • You would have to provide the deposit statement and any refund shown to be due within 2 weeks of termination of the tenancy instead of the current 30 days? AANM has fought hard many times to keep this as it currently is and will continue to do so.
  • You could not terminate a month-to-month tenancy without cause? Currently either the owner or the resident can terminate at the expiration of a fixed term or a month-to-month tenancy without cause with a 30-day Notice to Terminate. AANM has aggressively fought and will continue to fight any legislation that would change this.
  • You would not have the 3 Day Notice of Substantial Violation, a non-curable remedy for serious violent or drug related felony crimes? Instead you would have to issue a 7 Day Notice of Non-Compliance which is initially just a warning. AANM succeeded at passing the 3 Day Substantial Violation remedy for serious violent criminal acts in 1995 and has aggressively defended it since.
  • You would be required to have a full-time lifeguard at your pools, if located in Albuquerque? AANM successfully sought the introduction and passage of amendments to the City of Albuquerque Swimming Pool Ordinance to eliminate this requirement. This is a recurring subject and AANM will continue to oppose mandatory full time lifeguards at apartment community swimming pools.

The above are highlights of just some of our accomplishments. Negative legislation affecting the rental housing industry is constantly popping up throughout our State. Without AANM’s vigilance in monitoring, reviewing, drafting, and negotiating alternatives, who knows what the operating environment would be like for property owners?

Government Affairs Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing and developing legislation and community relations that affect the multi-housing industry within the State of New Mexico and at the local level. This committee's voting members are appointed by the AANM Board of Directors. 

Meet the GAC

AANM Political Action Committee

In the Spring of 2014, AANM formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) to act in a non-partisan way to promote the interested of the rental housing industry. The PAC raises funds primarily through a voluntary special assessment with the annual dues for the organization. A portion of the voluntary special assessment is allocated to the PAC each year and reported as it is paid, in accordance with state laws governing campaign finance reporting.  The Government Affairs Committee serves as the Board for the PAC and approves all donations to candidates' campaigns. If you are interested in donating to the AANM PAC, please contact the PAC Treasurer.

Meet Your AANM Lobbyists

The Apartment Association of New Mexico has employed a registered lobbyist since 2005 to help us advocate for the rental housing industry in the state. In light of the property tax issues of 2010, the AANM Board of Directors increased those responsibilities to include county and local coverage. Late in 2011, through a voluntary special assessment of AANM membership, we brought on an additional lobbyist. We invite you to learn more about Randy and Joe, both advocating for your interests in the rental industry.

Randy Traynor

Randy has a broad government affairs background with more than 18 years’ experience in New Mexico legislative activities. He is a persuasive individual possessing strong negotiation skills, as well as oral and written communication skills. He is resourceful with the ability to assess issues to adequately position client and complete project producing professional results while adhering to ridged deadlines.

Prior to his career as a lobbyist, Randy was Executive Director for the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico, Senior Planner with the environmental engineering firm of Espey, Huston and Senior Planner and Chairman of the City of Albuquerque Development Review Board. He holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University (’77) and Masters of Regional and City Planning from the University of Oklahoma (’79).

Randy owns Traynor Associates, LLC with his wife Debbie. His other clients include Western Association of New Mexico, New Mexico Dental Hygienists Association, NAIOP: The Commercial Real Estate Development Association, New Mexico Home Builders Association, New Mexico State Association of Health Underwriters, Builders Trust of New Mexico, New Mexico Entertainment & Digital Industry Association.

Joe Thompson

With over 15 years of experience in New Mexico government and politics, Joe Thompson is a leading provider of government relations, strategic counsel, and public affairs services in the state. Thompson served as General Counsel for Lieutenant Governor Walter Bradley from 1995 to 1996, and as Bradley’s Chief of Staff from 1996 to 1997. In 1998, Thompson worked as Special Counsel to Governor Gary Johnson, where he served as the chief lobbyist in support of the Governor’s legislative agenda.

In 1998, Thompson was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives, where he quickly ascended to the position of Minority Whip. Thompson served three terms in the House, retiring in 2004. While in the State Legislature, Thompson received high marks for his bipartisan approach to public policy making.

Since 2005, Thompson has led a consulting firm in Albuquerque that specializes in government relations, issues management, coalition-building, strategic communications, corporate affairs, and executive counsel. His past and present clients include: Gerald Peters, City of Albuquerque, University of New Mexico, Jemez Pueblo, National Rifle Association, Unser Racing Museum, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Town of Clayton, Union County, Century Bank, New Mexico Optometric Association, ValueOptions, National Atomic Museum, Albuquerque International Balloon Museum, Amy Biehl Charter School, Jicarilla Apache Tribe, Tesuque Pueblo, Santa Fe Properties, Pitney Bowes, Cuidando Los Ninos, UST Public Affairs, UBS, SunCal, New Mexico Renewables, Indian Arts Institute of America, Equality New Mexico, and Pre-K Now.

Randy and Joe participate in the AANM Government Affairs Committee to provide guidance and insight to the legislative process for our industry.