Local & State Advocacy

Local & State Advocacy

The Government Affairs team works year round, not just during the legislative session, to monitor pending issues that would have a negative effect on the rental housing industry in New Mexico. In conjunction with our lobbyists, our staff and committee work to insure that our best interests are being considered when legislation is introduced.

We are dedicated to keeping our members informed about new and proposed policies in the each of the municipalities around the state while fighting to protect the rights of rental property owners. Because these policies change so often, it is nearly impossible for property owners to keep abreast of the new laws. 

AANM is constantly working with officials in our membership area to help them better understand the importance of the apartment industry and help answer questions during policy making that would affect our industry. Working with the counties and all of the cities located within the state is a huge task, and we are fortunate to have a number of volunteer members who step forward to help us out with their knowledge on many issues. Once our staff finds out about new policies or regulations, we track their advancement and translate it into understandable and concise language for both the Government Affairs Committee and the membership as a whole.

Visit the New Mexico Legislature website to find your legislator, a particular bill or to locate agencies or committees involved. For more information or if you are interested in serving on the Government Affairs Committee, please contact us.

AANM Government Affairs is working hard for you!

State Issues

In 2017, legislation was introduced to eliminate the automatic stay for eviction cases. It passed unanimously in the House Business, Industry, & Commerce Committee, but did not get heard again before the end of the session. In 2018, the Government Affairs Committee asked the Governor for a message on this legislation. Currently in the "wait and see" mode, the legislation as it was proposed in 2017. There are no plans to revise any of the language in 2019, and as soon as the legislation is available for the current session, it will be posted here.

Policy Statements

Property Tax Lightning

One in three New Mexicans live in rental housing. The Apartment Association of New Mexico (AANM), a 35 year old non-profit organization whose members include nearly 500 rental housing owners representing some 35,000 units, supports a statewide property tax system that is equitable, transparent, understandable, predictable and uniform in its application to all residential properties.

Recent court decisions interpreting the existing state statute (NMSA 7-35-2-J) include as residential property all structures (e.g., rental housing) used primarily for permanent human habitation.

Property tax lightning is particularly onerous in rental housing, affecting New Mexicans who are least able to afford the resulting rent increase. Current property tax law limits increases in property valuation to no more than 3% per year for all residential property. However, property tax “lightning” may occur upon transfer of ownership. AANM supports legislation that would eliminate property tax lightning on residential property regardless of transfer of ownership.

AANM Policy on Property Tax Lightning, updated June 2012.

Property Taxes

As a 33 year old organization that is supported by 655 apartment owners representing some 45,000 apartment units, the Apartment Association of New Mexico is very invested in a property tax system that is equitable, transparent, understandable, predictable and uniform in its application to all residential properties.

In the event that a yield control system such as the current one that exists on limiting increases in values to no more than 3% a year, apartments should be classified and treated the same way as single family residential homes, irrespective of occupancy status. The thought process is very simple and clear – whether you live in a single family home, an attached townhouse, an apartment, a detached patio home or condominium, each forms its own household that uses community services like police, fire, health, and education like the other.

An attempt to disconnect single family homes from apartments will likely yield to market distortions and law suits for fair housing discrimination. By treating properties types differently, we will create a separate class of citizens due to being residents in rental communities.

On December 2, 2011, members of the Government Affairs Committee met with members of the Governor’s administration to raise awareness and create a posture of support and partnership between AANM and the NM Legislature. 

National Connections

NAA, in partnership with the National Multi Housing Council (NMHC), maintains a full-time legislative staff that monitors national legislative activity and lobbies for our industry’s interest.
The NAA/NMHC Joint Legislative Program, which is the foremost proponent of the apartment industry, assures that owners and managers of multifamily rental units are able to engage government officials in constructive, ongoing dialogues and participate in policy decisions affecting their ability to provide housing to millions of Americans.

The National Apartment Association (NAA) and the National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) unite under the auspices of the NAA/NMHC Joint Legislative Program to support legislative and regulatory policies that enable the nation's 25 million multifamily rental housing units to continue to provide high quality homes that remain accessible and affordable.

AANM works closely with the NAA/NMHC on federal issues affecting the multifamily rental housing industry, such as fair housing and environmental regulations. Beginning in 2011, staff and volunteer members of AANM will travel to Washington, D.C. with apartment associations from across the country to carry our message to Capitol Hill.

Local Issues

Impact Fees

One in three New Mexicans lives in rental housing. Due to their density, apartments are some of the most efficient users of a community’s land and resources. The Apartment Association of New Mexico is a 35 year old non-profit organization whose members own and manage 35,000 units statewide. Its membership includes nearly 500 owners, managers, developers and affiliated industry partners.

AANM supports an impact fee system that is equitable, transparent, understandable, predictable and uniform in its application to all residential properties. Further, AANM supports government initiatives that keep our community growing along a sustainable path, making it more vibrant and successful. These would include initiatives that:

  • Create jobs
  • Support economic development
  • Produce affordable housing
  • Encourage energy efficient development
  • Ensure that residential development pays its own costs, but does not subsidize current deficiencies in the capital plan or general operations

The Apartment Association of New Mexico recognizes that every project must meet the demands of the market and it is imperative that the impact fee system is competitive with similar cities in the region.

AANM Policy Statement on Impact Fees - Approved by the Board of Directors July 20, 2012

Government Affairs

City Council

The legislative authority of the city, is the City Council.  Please visit your municipality below to learn about your City Councilors and their current projects.

Don't see your town? Contact us with the website address and we will add it!