Real Estate Licensees: Important Rule Changes

State & Local Updates,

Real Estate Licensee Rule Changes

After January 1, 2017, new rules with the New Mexico Real Estate Commission will be effective. If your license expires between January-July 2017, you need to prepare to meet the new requirements as provided in the rules. The links below can assist you in learning the final rule changes and assist  you in terms of determining your responsibilities with respect to complying with the new Continuing Education and other requirements.

For more information on the rule changes, please visit one of the following links:

  • NMREC Rules (with redlines): This document highlights the changes effective January 1st.
  • NMREC Property Lines Newsletter: This document has links to NMREC staff contacts if you have questions or concerns relative to how the changes may affect you. It also discusses these changes in depth, answering questions such as:
    • Do I have to take the annual Core Course if I took the Mandatory Course in the current cycle?
    • "When is the deadline for my first Core Course?”
    • “What happens if I fail to take the Core Course ‘annually’?”