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How do I order?

After this 01/01/2017, you will also be able to order new site licenses under unit-based pricing through NAA,through the Bluemoon website here.


What is the difference between click-based and unit-based pricing?

Click-based pricing, which is phasing out over the course of 2017, is charged according to the number of pages printed.  Additional clicks are ordered through the Blue Moon website and placed into your account. 


Unit-based pricing is an annual flat fee for our all-inclusive program, which is due upon order or the renewal of your annual site license in 2017.  You are charged by the number of units at your property versus the amount of form pages printed by the property.  Unlike the click-based pricing, you can print as many forms as you need at no additional cost.


How do I pay?

Prior to 2017, all orders are processed through  Blue Moon Software then sends an invoice for your site license fee.  Additional clicks are then ordered through Blue Moon and invoiced by NAA. 


Starting in January 2017, all new site licenses can be purchased at the time of order through NAA’s lease portal.  If you choose the invoicing option rather than paying upfront via credit card or ACH, you will have thirty (30) days to pay your invoice. 




When does my license expire?  When is my renewal date?

Your current renewal date can be found by logging into your Blue Moon account or contacting Blue Moon Software.


When do I have to convert to unit-based pricing?

Upon your renewal in 2017, your license will be automatically renewed under the unit-based pricing.  This annual cost, which provides access to all NAA forms in your state, unlimited document storage, electronic signature, and an online application, includes the annual site license fee and the unit-based fee.  You will continue to order clicks until you renew under the unit-based pricing.


How do I pay?

You will automatically be invoiced by Blue Moon for your license renewal and the per unit fee and will have thirty (30) days to pay your invoice.  You can pay your invoice by check, credit card or ACH.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Blue Moon at (800) 772–1004.


I have outstanding invoices with NAA, can I still renew a site license?

Renewals can be completed once any outstanding invoices are paid in full to NAA.  In the event a click order invoice is not paid after you have converted to per unit pricing, your account may be temporarily placed on hold until all invoices are paid.


Can I convert to unit-based pricing early?

At their option, properties may convert to per-unit pricing earlier than their 2017 site license renewal date.  The tradeoff will be that the property must purchase a new Blue Moon site license ($300) when they transition to the new pricing structure with the per-unit fee.  No proration will be given for the remaining time on the click-based site license if the property chooses to exercise this option next year. However, the newly purchased per-unit based site license will be good for one year from the purchase date.  If you would like to convert your property or entire portfolio over to the unit-based pricing system early, you may do so at any time during 2017 by contacting (800) 772–1004.  At that time, when you pay the new annual fees and site license, your renewal date will be updated based on the date of your conversion date. 


How do I renew my license?

You will automatically be invoiced by Blue Moon for your license renewal and the per unit fee.  You will have thirty (30) days to pay your invoice.  You can pay your invoice by check, credit card or ACH.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Blue Moon at (800) 772–1004.


How is the unit-based price calculated?

NAA’s unit-based pricing is calculated based on the national average amount of forms used.  Though some users may be charged slightly more or less than they were under the click-based pricing, this new pricing structure allows for an all-inclusive program with a flat annual fee for easier budgeting and no 48 hour waiting period for click orders to be processed. 

Under unit-based pricing you will not incur any additional fees for reprinting forms or printing additional forms in your lease package.  In 2017, NAA will also add approximately twenty new forms in each state, all of which will be available at no additional change under the unit-based pricing.


Can I get a refund if the property changes hands?

There are no refunds.  However, in the case of a management change or sale, the site license may be transferred to a different company.


How do I transfer a license between management companies?

If you would like to transfer a license, please contact Blue Moon at (800) 772-1004.  You will need the written consent of both parties to transfer the account and information.  Any pending invoices must be paid before a transfer can occur.


Why is my account on hold?

Your account may be temporarily suspended due to issues with membership compliance, verification of your unit count, or unpaid invoices.

If you have received an email regarding a lapsed membership or other affiliate issue, you must contact the affiliate in which the property is located (or NAA if you are a direct member) to resolve the issue before your account hold will be lifted. 

In the event your unit count is flagged in our system, NAA will need to verify this information before the hold is lifted from your account.  You can contact Gina Torretti to review this information.


What is the cost under per-unit pricing?

NAA Click & Lease has three different packages, all of which provide unlimited printing of NAA lease forms, e-signature, unlimited document storage and online leasing application.  The pricing is as follows:


Apartment Package

Required for any community with 50 or more units.

Recurring Annual Fee:

▪ NAA Affiliate Membership Dues (based on property location)

▪ $300 Blue Moon license fee

▪ $2.99 per-unit fee


Bundled Small Property Package*

Designed for multiple small properties owned or managed by the same company and located within the same affiliate territory with less than 50 units per property.

Recurring Annual Fee:

▪ NAA Affiliate Membership Dues (based on property location)

▪ $300 Blue Moon license fee

▪ $2.99 per-unit fee


*To purchase more than one license at the same time, please contact NAA’s sales team at (703) 518-6141.  We will work with you to ensure the proper set-up of the program.


Small Owner Package

Designed for communities with less than 50 units each.

Recurring Annual Fee:

▪ NAA Affiliate Membership Dues (based on property location)

▪ $100 per license fee (includes first 20 units)

▪ $5.00 per additional unit fee




If a property signs up or renews this month will it be included in this month’s affiliate revenue share?

Yes.  All sales will be reported and paid to you in the month they are purchased.

How long will it take to process my monthly revenue share?

Your revenue share will be processed by the third Friday of the month.  The payment to you will be mailed out on that date.  If you would like to receive this payment quicker, you can link to NAA via ACH by contacting NAA’s Finance Department.

How is the revenue split calculated?

  • Apartment and Bundled Packages:

$2.99 per unit - $0.30 processing fee = $2.69 x 55% = $1.48 per unit to the affiliate

  • Small Owner Package:

$5.00 per unit - $1.50 to Blue Moon = $3.50 x 55% = $1.92 per unit to the affiliate

  • Site License royalties for Apartment Package sales and renewals will remain at the current levels

What are the order processing fees?


The $0.30 processing fee above collected by NAA/Blue Moon will be paid by the lease program user. Therefore, for properties that have transitioned to per-unit pricing NAA will no longer collect an order processing fee from the affiliate.


While a property is still under the click-based ordering system, NAA will continue to collect a processing fee for fulfilling orders in states where we administer orders. That processing fee will remain the same as 2016.


How will I be notified of new users?

You will be notified of new users on a weekly basis through a report from NAA.  You will also receive a quarterly report of all the properties in our area using the lease so you can perform a membership reconciliation.


How will membership verification work?

Users have thirty (30) days to be in compliance with the membership requirement of the NAA Click & Lease program.  You will receive a list of properties on a weekly basis and need to verify their status.  You will also receive quarterly reports of all members using NAA Click & Lease.  If a property is not in compliance, they will be contacted by NAA and instructed to pay their membership dues, otherwise their account will be placed on hold.  We need you to verify when a property complies with the membership requirement prior to our lifting the hold their account.


Can we cut properties off for non-payment of other association invoices (conference registration, classes, etc.)?

An affiliate portal will be available starting early 2017 where you can initiate a hold on an account for outstanding invoices past due 90 days or greater.  This request will go to NAA for approval and begin the notice period for the issue to be resolved before a hold is placed on the account.


How do you verify unit count?

The user initially reports unit count when they purchase or renew a license.  This number is then reconciled against the unit count reported to NAA by Costar. 


All current accounts will have their unit counts verified by the Costar information by the end of 2016 and any updated based on that information will be communicated to you to assist in your membership needs.  New sales and renewals will be reviewed on a weekly basis after January 2017.

What will my monthly reports look like?

For 2017, your monthly report will include information on the revenue share for both the click-based and unit-based licenses.  These will be updated on a monthly basis along with a year-to-date calculation.  The monthly report will show both gross and net income based on sales and renewals.