Lead Maintenance Technician - Albuquerque Housing Authority

AHA is seeking a Lead Maintenance Technician.

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Competitive salary & benefits. EEOE & Drug-Free Workplace.


Position Title:              Lead Maintenance Technician




Under the direction of the AMP Maintenance Manager the Lead Maintenance Technician is responsible for working with a team, including Public Housing Specialist, Maintenance Technicians and others to develop maintenance plan to meet goals established for the Public Housing properties.  Maintenance plan includes managing work orders, formulating inventory levels, performing routine preventive electrical and plumbing maintenance, including all other maintenance and repair work, and facilitate property readiness for move-ins.



The following statements are essential functions of this position and not intended to be all-inclusive; rather, they are intended to describe the general nature and level of work to be performed. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of the incumbent, and an employee may be directed to perform other reasonably related job duties and responsibilities. The Albuquerque Housing Authority reserves the right to revise or change the job duties and responsibilities as the need arises, based on business need, and this Position Description may be updated accordingly.  This Position Description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.



  1. Institutes and manages system for evaluating, prioritizing, and scheduling resident service requests and work orders, so that work orders are completed according to applicable deadlines, and in accordance with HUD quality standards.
  2. Schedules maintenance technicians so that maintenance is available for emergency purposes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. Coordinates, assigns, and performs emergency response duties and on-call duties for assigned properties.
  4. Removes and transfers heavy appliances and equipment from storage area to apartment (or vice versa) as circumstances warrant. Assists in moving abandoned furniture, appliances, etc., to dumpster when necessary.



  1. Conducts “tailgate” safety meetings with team, and ensures that team attends regularly scheduled safety meetings with the Safety Officer.
  2. Indoctrinates and assists in development of subordinate maintenance staff of standards by instilling a “safety first” attitude not only with maintenance technicians but with all staff members.
  3. Instructs maintenance staff on proper use and guidelines for wearing safety items.
  4. Keeps all applicable SDS sheets current and readily accessible on-site for all jobs.
  5. Ensures that all hazardous materials (e.g. solvents, flammables, caustics and refrigerants) are properly stored, managed, and used in accordance with pertinent laws and EPA and OSHA regulations.
  6. Keeps the condition of the physical property throughout assigned properties safe weekly using a checklist form and immediately corrects hazardous conditions, e.g. broken gates, broken steps, open holes, broken/burned out exterior lights, deicing during winter.
  7. Schedules and performs minor and routine maintenance on all appropriate equipment on a regular basis. Inspects and maintains all tools in excellent condition.



  1. Ensures that records regarding preventative maintenance, service requests (received and completed), expenditures, apartment make-ready status, work-in-progress, etc. are prepared timely and accurately, and organized/maintained in accordance with AHA standards.
  2. Complies with the HUD procurement regulations.
  3. Prepares and/or participates in the facility maintenance operations program budget process.
  4. Conducts all business in accordance with AHA policies and procedures, state and federal laws; e.g. OSHA, ADA, Fair Housing, etc.; interprets and explains for Maintenance Technicians.
  5. Reports any violations of the Rental Agreement to the Public Housing Specialist.
  6. Assists Public Housing Specialist with resident evictions through the completion of Work Orders in a timely manner, testifying as a witness in court, providing notification to the resident and changing lock cores.



  1. Diagnoses and performs on a daily basis minor and routine maintenance/repair involving the following:


·         Electrical and plumbing (including water lines)

·         Gas fixtures and appliances (where applicable)

·         A/C and heating systems

·         Doors, cabinets, windows, sliding glass doors

·         Appliances

·         Boiler/water heaters, gas and electric

·         Water irrigation systems

·         Door locks, mail boxes and locks

·         Stairs, gates, fences, patios, railings

·         Controlled access systems (where applicable)

·         Tile, carpet, flooring   

·         Ceiling leaks

·         Roofing, gutters, fasteners

·         Interior/exterior lights

·         Fireplaces

·         Ceiling fans


  1. Ensures that all make-ready repairs and services are completed in compliance with inspection requirements and on schedule.
  2. Reports all major repairs and requisitions to the Operations Manager prior to any expenditure of funds.
  3. Maintains adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials to handle most common repairs and situations.
  4. Identifies all utility meter cut-offs, apartment and fixture cut-offs, sewer cleanouts and prepares maps indicating the same.
  5. Performs work area clean-up and safety related duties.
  6. Ensures that storage areas remain locked when not in use.
  7. Assists in keeping grounds neat and free of litter. Rakes, sweeps, shovels as circumstances warrant.
  8. Leads maintenance team by coaching and guiding the team; organizing and reviewing the work for quality control; working with the team to correct quality errors or deficiencies.
  9. Manages, priorities and contributes to work orders daily for assigned properties.
  10. Performs replacement forecasting for appliances and equipment while considering the life span of the appliances and equipment. Coordinates the purchases with Warehouse personnel.
  11. Changes locks and make-ready keys when resident vacates property. Performs assessments, inspections, and restoration work (turnkey).
  12. Applies recent developments, current literature, and information related to maintenance operations.
  13. Allocates limited resources in a cost-effective manner.
  14. Performs any additional duties assigned by Operations Manager, AMP Maintenance Manager or Public Housing Specialist.



  1. Creates, organizes, maintains, and updates files and records utilizing database and spreadsheet software, other online applications, and manual systems.
  2. Maintains and audit trail of documents and records in accordance with HUD regulations.
  3. Develops and maintains spreadsheets, journals, ledgers, logs, worksheets, and other records.
  4. Catalogs and inventories fixed assets.



  1. Works collaboratively, cooperatively, and in coordination with fellow team members and with others in the organization, treats them with respect, courtesy and consideration, and shows understanding and the appropriate support of other team members to help get the job done.
  2. Provides information, guidance and resources to diverse groups of customers, clients and others outside of the organization; treats them in a friendly manner with professionalism, helpfulness, respect, courtesy and consideration at all times regardless of circumstances.
  3. Maintains regular, dependable attendance and punctuality, and physical presence at the assigned worksite; must interact directly with people at the worksite on a regular basis.
  4. Complies with all applicable environmental health and safety policies and work rules, giving maximum effort to performing job functions in a manner that protects the health and safety of the incumbent, co-workers, and the general public.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned and which are deemed necessary or desirable by the Albuquerque Housing Authority.





Position has moderate level of line responsibility and moderate authority to make independent decisions over an assigned function.  A person in this position regularly takes responsibility for a key operation or function due to their level of skill.


Results of Action:

Failure to establish and monitor work schedule and priorities will result in an inability to meet deadlines and will delay the completion of records and other projects and affects rating with funding agency.


Budgetary/Financial & Equipment/Asset Accountability:

Position has mid-level of accountability for budgetary or financial decisions, and decisions will have a degree of impact on resource utilization within the Albuquerque Housing Authority.  Moderate level of responsibility for all assets, furniture, equipment, and supplies assigned to this position.


Equipment/Material Management & Accountability:

Position has a high level responsibility for equipment, material, or supplies; proper utilization is required plus accountability for first-level maintenance may be required.


Confidential and Sensitive Information:

  • Incumbent has no access to sensitive and proprietary company data, including but not limited to services, legal and financial data, and an essential job result is not the maintenance of a high level of confidentiality of the information processed by the employee.
  • Incumbent has access to personal and professional data regarding customers/clients/members and their families, and must comply with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) to keep that data secure and private.
  • Incumbent has access to health data of customers/clients/members and their families, and must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to keep that data secure and private.
  • Incumbent has access to resident units and potentially personal and confidential information. Incumbent must not use or disclose any proprietary, confidential, or personal information obtained in the course of their job.




Fair Labor Standards Act Provisions:

This position is non-exempt under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and is subject to the organization’s policies and procedures pertaining to overtime hours.


Independence of Action; Supervision Received:

The Lead Maintenance works under general supervision of the AMP Maintenance Manager. Employee works alone on routine work and checks with supervisor only when in doubt.  Production generally precedes a check on the quality control.  Established methods and procedures are clearly established and general instructions provided.


Supervision Exercised:

The Lead Maintenance is responsible for own work, and has no supervisory authority or responsibility, although the Lead Maintenance is responsible for organizing and reviewing of the work and coaching of the Maintenance Technician.  Employee has some legal duties as an agent of the agency and may have functional authority over specific projects or areas of responsibility as specified in this Position Description or otherwise delegated by the AMP Maintenance Manager.


Coordination and Cooperation with Internal and External Parties:


Responds to requests for information from the AMP Maintenance Manager, Operations Manager and the Public Housing Specialist; and works with other department staff on issues and special projects that may have a moderate impact on provision of the Albuquerque Housing Authority’s programs and services.



Incumbent has a significant amount of independent contact with external parties.  Under direction of department managers, works with external contractors, city/county agencies, and residents to provide accurate services.



As a requirement of their employment, all Albuquerque Housing Authority employees are expected and required to perform the essential functions and elements of this position competently, demonstrating adequate progress throughout the course of the working test period of employment and continuing throughout employment with the Albuquerque Housing Authority.  To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Education and Experience:


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Four (4) years of progressively responsible experience in residential building maintenance or any equivalent combination of training, education, and experience directly related.


  • Construction experience in rehab, new construction, remodel, residential.
  • Certificate in maintenance trades.


  • None


Language Requirements:


Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures and technical manuals. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from vendors, contractors, supervisors, co-workers, residents, and city/county agencies.



Bi-lingual (English/Spanish)


Shared Responsibilities:

As a requirement of their employment, all Albuquerque Housing Authority employees are expected and required to follow and adhere to the following job responsibilities:


  • Support the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Albuquerque Housing Authority.
  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures.
  • Follow all safety policies, guidelines, and work rules, and participate in trainings.
  • Act in a professional manner at all times.
  • Function from SERVICE, COMPASSION, ACCOUNTABILITY, INTEGRITY, and STEWARDSHIP in all activities concerning the Albuquerque Housing Authority.
  • Follow the current Albuquerque Housing Authority Strategic Plan initiatives.
  • Maintain and support a team environment within the workgroup, and with other departments.
  • Champion the Albuquerque Housing Authority in the community.


Core Values:

Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what AHA values. They are the essence of AHA’s identify – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values. Core values educate clients and potential employees about AHA’s identity. These core values need to be demonstrated by everyone at the Albuquerque Housing Authority, and include but are not limited to:


  • Service: Empower clients and coworkers through education and opportunities for growth and success.  Striving for high customer satisfaction, going out of our way to be helpful and pleasant, making it as easy as possible on the customer or co-worker, rather than on self, department, or organization.  Able to work collaboratively with others in the organization, and to work well with diverse groups of people and gain and maintain respect of others, both inside and outside of the Albuquerque Housing Authority.
  • Compassion: Serve our clients and coworkers with understanding, empathy, and respect.  Being helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment.  Serve clients by seeking to understand their frame of reference and acknowledging their difficulties.  Demonstrate patience and the ability to listen to client concerns before discussing options.
  • Accountability: Achieve organizational excellence by operating as a team, investing in staff training, and embracing the belief that every individual has the capacity to solve problems and realize personal goals.  Achieving a standard of excellence with our work processes and outcomes, honoring Albuquerque Housing Authority policies and all regulatory requirements.  Taking ownership of our work while understanding mistakes/errors happen as they are part of the process, viewing mistakes as an opportunity, recognizing weaknesses and doing work to improve, doing what is needed without being asked, following through.  Being receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embracing continuous improvement.
  • Integrity: Consistent in dealing professionally, honestly, and fairly with the public and each other. Possessing and adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.  Doing the right thing. Recognizing honesty and fairness in all relations.  Understanding that being competent in your job is the most effective method of achieving success.  Developing a positive attitude when facing objections.  Working to gain support and cooperation.  Being sure your performance reflects the best standards.  Demonstrating pride in our agency, dealings with others, and your work product.
  • Stewardship: Committed to growing and sustaining AHA’s financial resources and implementing environmentally friendly practices in all operations and facilities.  Planning ahead, managing time well, being on time, being cost conscious, thinking of better ways to do things.  Comply with and actively support all workplace safety policies and practices.


Certification, Licenses and Registrations:

  • Must have or obtain within 3-months from the date of hire and maintain a current, valid State of New Mexico driver’s license. Must have and maintain a driving record acceptable to Albuquerque Housing Authority.
  • If employee chooses to use their personal vehicle for Albuquerque Housing Authority business they must have current liability insurance meeting or exceeding State-required minimum coverages and provide proof upon request.


Training Requirements:

  • Must successfully complete all Albuquerque Housing Authority-required safety and other training
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • Asbestos
  • Fair Housing
  • Must successfully pass and maintain training certification in all state, Albuquerque Housing Authority, and/or other training requirements of the position and job assignment. Specific training requirements for this position may be provided by the Albuquerque Housing Authority.


Tools and Equipment Used:

An employee in this position must be knowledgeable and skilled in the safe use and maintenance of the following tools and equipment:

  • Standard office equipment, including desktop computer and standard MS-Office applications
  • Smart phone
  • Must be able to operate a company vehicle
  • Operate standard power tools, e.g. power drills, circular saws, compressors, nail guns, and sprayers.
  • Pull small trailers with AHA truck.



  • In accordance with the conditional offer of employment, individual must pass drug screen, and other required background investigations



The physical and mental demands, and working conditions described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.


The Albuquerque Housing Authority maintains a comprehensive, detailed assessment of the physical and mental demands, and working conditions for this position, which are also included in the incumbent’s employment file.


Physical Effort and Demand:

  • Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to be on feet.
  • Have constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to perform the following physical activities:
    • Bend/stoop/squat/kneel
    • Perform routine maintenance/repairs, pick up tools and needed equipment.
    • Lifting/carrying (supplies, replacement parts, ladders, etc.):
      • Over 150 lbs. – rare need (less than 1% of the time)
      • 75-150 lbs. – occasional need (1% to 33% of the time)
      • 25-75 lbs. – frequent need (33% to 66% of the time)
      • 1 – 25 lbs. – constant need (66% to 100% of the time)

NOTE:  Lifting and carrying of weights exceeding 50 lbs. is often accomplished with assistance from one or more persons. Examples of heaviest items lifted include washer/dryers, refrigerators, A/C units, abandoned sofas, etc.

  • Climb stairs: service requests, make-ready needs for 2nd and 3rd floor properties.
  • Push or pull move equipment, appliances, open and close doors, etc.
  • Reach above shoulder perform routine maintenance/repairs, stock and remove equipment, parts, etc.
  • Climb ladders perform routine maintenance/repairs.
  • Grasp/grip/turning handles tools and equipment, perform routine maintenance/repairs
  • Finger dexterity handle tools and equipment, perform routine maintenance/repairs.
  • Writing: inventory maintenance, requisition requests, required maintenance reports.


Visual Acuity:

  • Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to document maintenance and complete forms, review manuals and operating instructions, read cautionary labels, respond to written instruction from staff and residents. Constant need to see small detail when performing routine maintenance duties.
  • Frequent need (33% to 60% of the time) to see things clearly beyond arm’s reach (oversee assistants, observe problems throughout the property).
  • Must have visual acuity and manual dexterity to perform maintenance using manual and power tools.



  • Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate with assistants, office staff, vendors and residents. Must use listening skills to diagnose needed repairs, etc.



  • Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to verbally communicate with assistants, office staff, vendors and residents.


Driving/traveling needs:

  • Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to utilize company vehicle.
  • Occasional need (1% to 33% of the time) to travel for training and conferences both in and out of town.
  • Rotation “on call” status may occasionally require expedient travel to assigned property at moment’s notice utilizing personal transportation.
  • Must have a valid New Mexico driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage


Mental Demand:

  • Effective performance requires continual thinking and attention to work/detail demanded by the essential functions of the job.
  • Must be able to work non-standard work hours as required to fulfill job responsibilities.


Environment/Working Conditions:

  • Indoors (66% to 100% of the time).
  • Frequently outdoors (33% to 66% of the time), all conditions, often for extended periods.
  • There are many hazardous conditions that exist in the work environment. The work environment is sometimes unpleasant; negative physical factors exist.  
  • Some negative psychological factors may exist in the work environment.
  • Deal with insects, e.g. roaches, bed bugs, ants, mice.
  • Occasional exposure (1% to 33% of the time) to paint fumes, solvents, adhesives, etc.; e.g. properties during/after make-ready.
  • Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to work in awkward and confining positions.


Reasoning Development:

  • High – must be able to apply principles of logical thinking to define problems, collect pertinent data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions and initiate appropriate course of action. Must effectively convey ideas, images and goals to diverse group of personalities.