APS Mill Levy Vote

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Coming soon to a mail box near you!

APS is requesting an increase in property taxes to support 3 requested measures on an upcoming ballot vote. The Government Affairs Committee for AANM discussed the facts surrounding the request and voted to take no position. However, we did want to share with you the various perspectives that were being shared.

Please note that this vote is strictly a mail in vote. If you wish to have a voice, you must look for your ballot in the mail and return by February 5th. 

Ballot details

The information below was sourced from the ABQ Journal article.
The Albuquerque Public Schools ballot, which contains three questions, will be sent out by mail on Jan. 8. The ballots must be mailed back in time for the county clerk to receive them by 7 p.m. on Feb. 5.
Passage of all three questions on the ballot would bring in about $900 million over the next six years and would fund: building maintenance, finishing projects, the start of new projects and increased school security among other categories.

  • The first question asks to renew a mill levy that would expire otherwise. This money primarily goes to building maintenance and student learning materials. It would raise a total $190 million over six years.
  • The second question, which would raise property taxes one mill ($1 per every $1,000 taxable value), would be primarily used for shortfalls for existing projects, design for 11 new projects and security measures. It would raise $510 million over six years.
  • APS says the third question, which would increase the tax rate by another mill, is a bond issue that would raise $200 million. District officials say that if the question doesn’t pass, the district won’t start and/or finish the 34 projects on its capital plan list.

APS says it intends to ask for voter approval in 2022 for a $212 million general obligation bond to complete its capital master plan strategy.

For a list of the 34 projects and more details on APS’ capital program and this election, go to http://www.aps.edu/community/mail-in-election/planned-and-ongoing-construction-projects.

February 5, 2019 Update: All 3 of these measures failed.