You’ve Just Been Promoted to Property Manager...Now What?? - ONLINE

Teleforums are telephone training sessions for your on-site personnel.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (MDT)
Teleforums & Webinars You will receive a call-in number and notes page a few days before each session via email.
* Registration open until 7/15/19 at 12:00 AM (MDT)

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You’ve Just Been Promoted to Property Manager...Now What??

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$35 Members
$45 Non-members
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It never fails, you get promoted and before you can get proper training to be a property manager, you are thrown into the proverbial “baptism by fire”. Transitioning from a leasing pro to an assistant or a property manager is not easy. Learn proven leadership and coaching skills from the “Turn-Around Specialist” who turned around 7 failing markets for the Apartment Guide. You’ll be provided with the tools to inspire and coach your new team to success. “Speed of the Leader, is Speed of the Gang”. We’ll discuss how to deliver powerful meetings, create mentoring programs to build a strong farm team! We’ll also share effective coaching techniques to transform you from a leasing pro to a success property manager coach. You’re in the PEOPLE business…handle with care!


Total Peak Performance provides you powerful distance training programs focusing on management, leasing and resident retention issues to help you increase your learning curve every month.  Have world-class training without leaving your office. Teleforums are telephone training sessions for your on-site personnel. Presented by industry expert Andrew Botieri of Total Peak Performance. You will receive the call-in phone number and notes pages a few days prior to the class.


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Jennifer Winters
Jennifer Winters
Director of Operations Apartment Association of New Mexico (505)822-1114


Andrew Botieri – Author & Speaker

Andrew Botieri is Founder of Total Peak Performance®, a motivational leasing, retention & leadership training company with over 25+ years of helping the multi-housing industry. His popular TeleSeminar programs offer world-class training without having to leave your office. He is the author of “A Celebration of Life-A Story of Hope, A Miracle & The Power of Attitude”, which recounts his near-death experience and how he used perseverance & a positive attitude to will himself back to health and create a balanced life. Checkout his website at