In light of the evolving health situation in the United States, and in an effort to follow the recommendation of federal, state and local government to minimize large group meetings, all meetings and events will either be re-scheduled or conducted electronically. More information will be forthcoming. We are committed to providing value for your membership in these unique times and appreciate your flexibility. If there is anything we can do to support you, or if you have any questions, please let us know.

Hire For Attitude-Fire For Not Having It! Keys to Hiring SuperStars

Teleforums are telephone training sessions for your on-site personnel.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (MST)
Teleforums & Webinars You will receive a call-in number and notes page a few days before each session via email.

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Total Peak Performance provides you powerful distance training programs focusing on management, leasing and resident retention issues to help you increase your learning curve every month.  Have world-class training without leaving your office. Teleforums are telephone training sessions for your on-site personnel. Presented by industry expert Andrew Botieri of Total Peak Performance. You will receive the call-in phone number and notes pages a few days prior to the class.

November 15th, 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm      

Hire For Attitude-Fire For Not Having It! Keys to Hiring SuperStars

If we don't hire, train and motivate your people, they leave and you start this tedious process all over again. In this session, we cover the nuances of the hiring process, using the power of assessment testing, looking for “red flags” in a resume and asking powerful questions to get the answers you are looking for. We’ll also discuss how to develop a new-hire training program and why you should have several of your key people interview each candidate. Find the right person, the first time. 



 Andrew Botieri – Author & Speaker

 Andrew Botieri is Founder of Total Peak Performance®, a motivational leasing, retention & leadership training company with over 25+ years of helping the multi-housing industry. His popular TeleSeminar programs offer world-class training without having to leave your office. He is the author of “A Celebration of Life-A Story of Hope, A Miracle & The Power of Attitude”, which recounts his near-death experience and how he used perseverance & a positive attitude to will himself back to health and create a balanced life. Checkout his website at


$35 Members

$45 Non-members

TeleSeminars are not included in CORE Education Subscription


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