NAA/NMHC Develop Guidance

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NAA/NMHC have developed a new tool to help you address the challenge of persuading local policymakers that more apartments are needed. Using proprietary research to get inside the minds of local government officials and political elites, the guidance offers insight into how to talk about the apartment industry, how to advocate for more apartment construction – including affordable apartments – and which specific policy solutions are most palatable to decision-makers.

Written by Deborah Beck of Beck Research, “Housing Affordability: A Message Framework to Address Local Industry Challenges” reveals that despite new calls for rent control, fewer than half of local policymakers support this or mandatory inclusionary zoning. However, six in 10 elites and government officials do support voluntary incentives such as tax rebates for affordable housing. In addition, elites and policymakers strongly back rehabilitation of existing real estate, even among those who dislike apartments and renters.

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