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Karie Taylor

Karie Taylor

Owner Elevated Management Group

Company Info

Elevated Management Group Elevated Management Group
300 Menaul NW Ste A #545
Albuquerque, NM 87107
United States
(505) 227-5363
Apartment Association of New Mexico Logo Single Family Homes Management

Candidate Bio
As the founder of Elevated Management Group, I have had the opportunity to spend the past decade in real estate working in several different aspects of the industry. My first several years were spent in single family home resale and property management. I was able to purchase my firm in 2012 and grew it from 83 homes to over 400 in only 4 years. In only 4 years I was able to sell my management firm and maintenance company. After that, I decided to start Elevated Management with 189 single family homes and smaller apartment complexes. In only 1 year, Elevated Management has grown to almost 400 single family homes and apartment complexes around 50 units. I take great pride in matching people with homes. The real-estate market is competitive and I enjoy being a part of such a great group. I have been honored to serve on the 2018 AANM Board of Directors and look forward to the possibility of a full term.