2019 Board of Directors Candidates

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From Article 3, Directors in the AANM bylaws:


Directors shall be nominated and elected pursuant to the following procedure:
(A) An election by written or electronic ballot is to be held at least thirty (30) days prior to the date
the terms of one or more of the Directors are to expire. For purposes of this section, the election date
shall be the last date on which returned ballots are required to be postmarked or hand delivered, as set out
in Article III Section 8 (A)( iii).
(B) The Nominating Committee may solicit written applications or suggestions for persons to be
nominated as Directors from the membership. The persons actually nominated shall be chosen at the
discretion of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall establish written guidelines
for rejecting a nominee.
(C) At least thirty (30) days prior to the election of Directors, the Nominating Committee shall file its
written report with the Executive Director setting forth its nominations for election to the Board of
Directors. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one (1) Primary member in good standing
for each Primary Director vacancy and at least one (1) Associate member in good standing for each
Associate Director vacancy. No more than one (1) representative per each Primary or Associate member
company may be nominated, elected or appointed to the Board at any time. Written or electronic ballots
containing the Nominating Committee's nominations must be delivered to all members at least fifteen
(15) days prior to the election date.
(D) Each member in good standing may cast one (1) vote for each director vacancy. Members may
not cumulate their votes. Any ballot which attempts to cumulate votes shall be invalid.
(E) All directors shall be elected from the nominees having the largest number of votes regardless of
whether that nominee receives a majority of all votes cast. Election shall be by plurality, rather than
majority vote. In the case of a tie, selection between the two (2) candidates with the same number of
votes will be by lot or other random drawing conducted by the President. All affected nominees shall be
given not less than three (3) days notice of the time and place of the drawing and shall be permitted to
(F) At its first meeting, the new Board shall elect a President Elect, Vice President of Membership,
Vice President of Education, Secretary, and Treasurer by majority vote. Only members in good standing
who are also directors or newly elected directors are eligible to be elected as officers of the AANM.

The following individuals are eligible to serve as Directors and were approved by the current Board of Directors on September 21, 2018, as candidates for the 2019 AANM Board of Directors. 

2019 Primary Director Candidates

Mark Bentz
Owner MJB Enterprises LLC
Samantha Boyette
Regional Property Supervisor Monarch Properties Inc
Lisa Fickel
Shelton-Cook Real Estate Services
Lena Lawson
HCCP, COS, HCM-H, HCM-R, HCM-TCB, HCM-EIV District Manager Dunlap & Magee Property Management
Rosalina Piña
Regional Property Manager-NM Apartment Management Consultants, LLC (AMC)
Steve Ross
Steve Ross
Executive Director Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico
Karie Taylor
Karie Taylor
Owner Elevated Management Group
Lora Villa
Lora Villa
Regional Manager Northland Investment Corp.

2019 Associate Director Candidates

Ted Limmel
Ted Limmel
Regional Sales Manager AZ Partsmaster
Allan Paiz
CEO Tumbleweed Resources LLC
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
VP Commerical Lending Washington Federal
Renee Ulibarri
Renee Ulibarri
Account Executive RentPath